The inspiring story of Subisiso Chebii a mortician in Chiromo Funeral Parlour who dabbles in music

Chebii Subisiso a cosmetologist at Chiromo mortuary during interview on January 23,2014.He started his passion of embalming bodies at the age of 11 after his saw his grandfather perserve bodies in his local village. PHOTO| DENISH OCHIENG

For Chebii Subisiso, making sure that a body looks decent before burial has been his business. He makes a living out of working on the dead. The two weeks following the Garissa University College attack, were particularly taxing for 25 year old Subisiso Chebii, who is a mortician at Chiromo mortuary. However, Chebi, as his friends know him, takes his rather morbid job in stride, even managing to write music in his free time.  Mr Chebii was recently interview by NTV Kenya. Click on the link below for the full interview.