Training and Certification for Mortuary Science Course


Mortuary science course was developed with an aim of training and building capacity in individuals who will eventually be competent bereavement services in Kenya. It is the only such program in Kenya. Our program offers many people who are already in this profession, the necessary formal training to enhance career progress and learn new and advanced skills. Those entering this field for the first time will be offered an opportunity, through this program, to enhance chances of placements in the many other funeral homes being set up across the country.

At our facility, we aim at imparting high quality skills in body embalming and restoration. We also offer adequate training in counseling and funeral direction, factors that are hoped to make bereavement more bearable. The Mortuary Science course of the Department of Human Anatomy, University of Nairobi trains individuals who will also be conversant with budgeting, funeral home financing, body preparation for repatriation, funeral psychology and communication amongst others.