Reconditioning & Reconstruction

We restore bodies that have been badly damaged from accident, disease and decomposition to states where they can be decently presented in a casket at the funeral. restoring the body to a more lifelike appearance.

Autopsy (post-mortem)

Autopsy (post-mortem) services are available at the parlour on request. The relatives should however source a doctor of their choice. It is important, however, that the post-mortem be done within 24 hours on receipt of the body. A fee of KES 3,000/= will be levied for the use of the facilities for this procedure. Professional fees for the doctor performing the postmortem will be charged separately.

Coffin sales

A wide range of well crafted caskets are displayed in our merchandise shop. Our clients may choose from the ranges provided. The assortment of finishes cater for all tastes

Chapel services

The mortuary complex has a large room used to hold funeral services.

Chemical Preservation

The hall mark of the parlor is chemical preservation by Gravimetric Perfusion Embalming. This chemical treatment allows the bodies to await final burial. Our methods at Chiromo allow a good balance of body rigidity, colour and odour.

Viewing and Visitation

We have special rooms for visits by friends and relatives to view the body before after the service.

Transport and Hearse services

The Chiromo Funeral Parlour has different types of transportation to suit your need – a van, a coach and 4WD Landcruiser. We provide to and from service, from hospitals and to different parts of Kenya for the deceased final resting place.

After Care services

We help families cope with the loss of their loved ones to begin the healing process. For details, contact the information center at our reception.

Cold storage of bodies

Our cold chamber and refrigerated cabinets allow us to use low temperatures to keep bodies from decomposing as they await embalming or postmortems


Bodies for repatriation are prepared and packaged in accordance with the International standards which are accepted by the airlines. Please view the charges section for more information on costs

Meeting rooms

The Chiromo Funeral Parlour provides meeting rooms for the berieved as they plan the funeral arrangements.

Cafeteria services