Service Process

  • All bodies must be accompanied by notification of death from a Hospital or Police Department as appropriate.
  • Bodies are registered & identified using details provided by relatives/persons accompanying body.
  • Identification tags are securely placed in the presence of relative(s) admitting the body
  • Relatives/accompanying person/s should remove all valuables from the body on the day of admission
  • Coffins and clearly labelled items like clothes shall be received one day before collection of the body.
  • All viewings must be coordinated for ease of billing. The parlor shall allow all desired viewings by persons related to the deceased so long as this is done through the registering person. The viewing time is between 10 am and 3 pm.
  • Members of the public are advised to keep away from the operation areas to avoid contact with the chemical substances used in body preservation. Visitors are further advised to wash hands after touching the body during dressing and/or viewing.
  • The following items MUST be brought ONE DAY before the day of collection of the body:
    a) Clothing items (must be clean and presentable)
    b) Coffin (the Funeral Parlour stocks coffins for sale at reasonable prices)
  • The body will NOT be released without a Burial/Disposal Permit. The Permit is provided at the City Mortuary or at the Hospital where death occurred. For bodies outside Nairobi, permits may be obtained from the area chief.
  • For removal of body, the following are mandatory requirements:
    a) Original Burial Permit and a copy of the same (copy will remain at the Parlour)
    b) Original Identity Card or Passport of the deceased (for records purpose)
    c) Original Identity Card or Passport of the Next of Kin (for identification)
    d) Payment receipt for the service rendered (as proof of payment for services)