lipa-na-mpesaThere are no mandatory advance payments or deposits. All payments must however be made prior to removal of the body. Such payments be made via MPESA or banker’s cheques at the appointed University Revenue Collection point one day prior to the removal of the body for burial.

Payments accrued should be done between 8.00am and 5.00 p.m., Monday through to Friday (Excluding Public Holidays). Personal/Company cheques or credit cards are not accepted.

The records officer shall give the relatives a fee note of all the costs for invoicing and later payment. An official University of Nairobi receipt must be obtained on payment and must be produced to any bonafide officials as proof of payment for services rendered at the Funeral Parlour.

  1. Charges for Embalming and Storage
    The Funeral parlour will receive and store bodies brought in within 24 hours after death at a minimum charge of KES 12,500 for a maximum period of two weeks.
    Bodies of individuals less than 10 years in age will be charged KES 6,000. Documentary evidence must be produced, for authenticating the age.
  2. Additional charges
  • Additional storage fees of KES 2,500 will be charged per week or part of the week if the body is not removed within the first 14 days.
  • For partially decomposed or mutilated bodies: an extra fee will be charged depending on the state of the body and the preparation required. While all due and practical care will be given to the bodies, the parlour, however, gives no guarantee that undesirable post-mortem changes will not occur. In the event of such changes, the parlour shall not be liable, whatsoever.
    • Minor: KES 3,000
    • Major: KES 9,000
    • Severe: KES 15,000
  • Unbraiding: KES 1,000
  • Shaving: KES 500
  • Blow drying of hair: KES 300
  • Extra facial attention: KES 1,000
  • Removal of foetus: KES 3,500
  • Removal of foreign/surgical objects: KES 3,500
  • Late dressing: Cases where the clothes are delivered on the day of departure –KES 1,000

Autopsy, Post-mortems:

Autopsy (post-mortem) services are available at the Parlour on request. The relatives should however source a doctor of their choice. It is important, however, that the post-mortem be done within 24 hours of receipt of the body.

A fee of KES 3,000 will be levied for the use of the facilities for this procedure. Professional fees for the doctor performing the postmortem will be charged separately.


The charges below include all the preparation, certification and transportation to the airport.

  • Category A = Within Eastern Africa – KES 89,000
  • Category B = Africa, Out of Eastern Africa – KES 91,000
  • Category C = Out of Africa – KES 101,000