Word from the Director

DSCN1325The Chiromo Funeral Parlour (CFP) opened way back in 1991 as a service to the community. Its first location was at the main Department of Human Anatomy but years of growth through service excellence at affordable prices made relocation a strategic proposition. We moved to our current location in May 2011 and the expansive facility and ambiance has allowed us to craft a brand that resonates with many. Consistently our customer satisfaction rating has been high.

Our niche in the market has been the quality of our embalming and restoration services. Chiromo Funeral Parlour was humbled to provide service and comfort to thousands of friends and survivors of loved ones in National incidents such Baragoi, Westgate and others. This was a big testimony to the trust in our service.

Moving forwards, the Chiromo Funeral Parlor is investing in enhanced customer experience to match the best wishes of those who will choose us. Our new facility offers modern equipments and spaces. We want to continue commemorating unique and special lives with highest quality of service and care for many more years.

Thank you.
Prof Saidi Hassan